Citrus Lane Review: July 2013

It’s that time of the month again! Time to review another Citrus Lane box and see if it was worth it’s purchase price!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with how Citrus Lane works, it is a subscription service that sends you age appropriate items for your child aged 0-5 years every month. The cost of the subscription depends on how long you are willing to commit to. For month to month or three month subscriptions, your cost is $25.00 per month, while it goes down to $21.00 per month if you sign up for a six month or one year subscription. To personalize the box, you choose the child’s age and gender (or neutral) and receive items appropriate to those selections.

In my reviews, I can only review what my daughter receives in her box. I will always tell you what my age and gender selections were, give you a description of the items, what I think of them, pricing, etc.

This month my daughter received a twelve month old box with a neutral gender selection.

1. Sumo Snack Stacker from ZoLi
Price: $18.00
Status: Useful
Comments: A couple of months ago Citrus Lane sent me some stackable snack containers of a different type. They were smaller, and I’ve used them a lot. As Baby Girl gets bigger though, I was finding things that I didn’t want to pack in a ziploc bag (due to crushability), but wouldn’t fit in the containers I had. That problem is now solved. These are much bigger, but are still useful. Their stackability makes them great for putting in the diaper bag so that you don’t have to dig around for more than one container. Take one, two, or all three with you. My only problem with this now is that they are so big that I have to find a place in my kitchen to store them…

2. Peek-a-Boo Turtle from Melissa and Doug
Price: $9.99
Status: Useful
Comments: Baby Girl loves the Melissa and Doug toy that she previously received from Citrus Lane, the wooden caterpillar. This one is actually a bit old for her I think. I like it, it’s a nice toy, but it’s actually a bit of a let down after the awesome toys we’ve previously received. I don’t see this one being the giant hit some of the other things have been. She wants to love it, but she doesn’t quite have the motor skills to make it work yet, and she gets frustrated with it easily. Maybe when she gets a bit older. To be honest, I think they sent this one to us a bit early. It’s a high quality toy though, and a good addition to the ever-growing toy basket taking over my living room.

3. Cool It Buddy Instant Cold Pack from Me4Kidz
Price: $2.99
Status: Nothing Special
Comments: There’s almost always one dud in the Citrus Lane box, and I feel like this is it this month. It’s a 2 pack of instant cold packs like you would find in a first aid kit. Is it useful? Maybe. Do I need it? No. I have a freezer full of cold packs and frozen vegetables that will work just fine if I need them. The primary use I could see for these is to put in a portable first aid kit while you were traveling, camping, or attending a sporting event where there are no trainers present. The best thing this product did was remind me that I should probably put together a portable first aid kit, actually. Do they work? I’m sure they do, but I’m not going to bust one open just to find out.

4. Nibbly Fingers from Ella’s Kitchen
Price: $3.99
Status: Useful
Comments: Once again, I’m glad that they decided to send a whole box of these things rather than a single one, which they sometimes do. These appear to be like toddler granola bars. They’re very chewy, and full of wholesome stuff. I’m just glad they didn’t send us the flavor with strawberries in it, since Baby Girl is on a no strawberry diet. This is another item in the box that I feel they sent us a bit early. She has teeth, but the bar was a little big for her to take on at this stage, and while she seemed to like the taste of it, about half of it ended up being thrown to the dog…so the remaining four bars will have to wait for another time. We love Ella’s Kitchen products though, and are always happy to see them in the box.

5. Postagram from Sincerely Inc.
Price: $9.90
Status: Kinda Cool
Comments: This is kind of interesting. Sincerely is a custom card company that has a few different apps for your smart phone or iPad where you can send a custom greeting card or postcard to a friend or loved one for a pretty inexpensive rate. The Postagrams are especially cool. You choose a photo from your phone, type in a message for the person you’re sending it to, and fill in the recipient information. Sincerely prints out the card as a postcard and physically mails it to the person. The photo on the postagram is perforated, so it can be popped out of the postcard and put on the refrigerator or stuck in a wallet or something. As a fan of snail mail and postcards, I think it is pretty cool. Sending a postcard through the app costs 99 cents each, so this gift is essentially ten free postagrams to send to whomever you like. I have already thought of a use for them, and I think they’re definitely cool.

Final Thoughts:
This month was a good box, I’m happy with it. The value seemed good, it was fun to unbox, I think it worked. It’s always nice when the box comes and is super satisfying. I just wish it had been a bit more age appropriate. I know that twelve months is kind of an awkward, in-between age where they aren’t really a baby, but they aren’t really a toddler, and I know it must be a tough box to put together with that in mind, but I still feel like it was just a tad too old for her.

Optional Add-to-Box:
I should mention that the optional add-to-box products are getting more common. I received two or three of these offers this month (I think two…). I know that one of them was for baby toiletries, which I have no use for, since they send them to me almost every month and I still have a stash from my baby shower a year ago, and the other was for the Skip Hop Pronto! changing station for a small discount off of the retail price. The Pronto! was the only offer I considered, as I love Skip Hop products, and it seems like a cool item, but there were two reasons that I didn’t. First, Baby Girl is almost a year old and we’ve done well so far with just a regular diaper bag. Her changes are becoming less frequent as she gets older, and I’m hoping to start potty training in the not too distant future, diminishing the use time of this product. And second, we cloth diaper, so we still have to carry a wet bag to put the soiled diapers in, undercutting the compact nature of this item as a selling point. If this were several months ago or we were a disposable diaper family though, I’d have been all over that. That’s why these things are optional I suppose.

By the Numbers:
Total value of the box items: $44.87
Total value of items I will use: $41.88
Is the value greater than the cost? YES

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